Friday, July 3, 2009

You Will Never Be Sorry For --

You will never be sorry—
For thinking before acting,
For hearing before judging,
For forgiving your enemies,
For being candid and frank,
For helping a fallen brother,
For being honest in business,
For thinking before speaking,
For being loyal to your church,
For standing by your principles,
For stopping your ears to gossip,
For bridling a slanderous tongue,
For harboring only pure thoughts,
For sympathizing with the afflicted,
For being courteous and kind to all.
~Author Unknown~

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  1. HI Joe I like this a LOT This is Liz by the way. I added your blog to my abysmally stupid blog as well. I put a link on there No one reads mine but I have to start reading yours more often. LOVE that picture of Carol She is so beautiful!



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